Shot on various cameras from 2008 - 2012

Active Mail-order X Toms Shoes

A charity event for Active Mailorder and Toms Shoes, in Irvine California.

Shot & Edited by Michael Stanfield

Tested Development Feature.

This was the video component of the Tested Development article from the Transworld Skateboarding November 2013 issue which walked us through the manufacturing process at DSM where Dwindle products are produced. We had to be flown in, handle the shoot and flown out in 3 days.

Production footage by Mike Stanfield.
Filmed in mainland China.

Filmbot VX Bolt Video.

We developed a quick 15 second video to promote the features of a new Filmbot Bolt and Bottle opener. It had to be quick, to the point and simple to understand.

Shot and Edited by Mike Stanfield.

Filmbot VX1000 Bottleopener Video.

Issey Yumiba ruled this fakie flip into the bank. All I had to do was drink the beer.

Shot and Edited by Mike Stanfield.

VX1000Beers YT from FilmbotGrip on Vimeo.

Ridgemont Outfitters #FindAdventures

Ridgemont had created a great “Capture the Flag” adventure program which offers a reward if you find it the day they post it. We shot this in 3 separate days, consisting of printing the flag, sewing the flag and planting the flag, throughout Southern California.

Shot and Edited by Mike Stanfield.

Spohn Ranch at Castaic Skatepark

We shot a sneak peek at the Spohn Ranch skateparks up in the City of Castaic with Pro Skaters Dave Bachinsky and Manny Santiago.

Shot and Edited by Mike Stanfield.