Web Development

Design, Development and UI / UX

Skatepark Designs / Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Skatepark Designs collects all the designs from skatepark designer Spohn Ranch and provides a wide selection of skateparks with filters to narrow down your search from size, style of skatepark and features.


True Metal Works

True Metal Works website was built to provide an all-inclusive incoming lead platform to answer as many questions for the customer as possible. Examples of client work, about page, plus reviews and blog posts to generate SEO. We have seen a growth in traffic since the launch of the site, plus a decrease in questions through the contact email.


Blind Skateboards / Dwindle Distribution Websites

While working as a Digital Media Marketing Manager at Dwindle Distribution, we built two single page sites (Blind Skateboards / Dwindle Distribution), meanwhile pulling in trending social media platforms. With Blind, we built this with considerations to both UI, UX and responsive design and allowed room to add and upgrade without uprooting the entire site. With Dwindle we designed the blog areas to auto-populate via social media / distributed blog posts, so the site is constantly updated.

https://blindskateboards.com/ / https://dwindle.com/

Filmbot Griptape / VHS Distribution

Filmbot Grip infrequently launches campaigns so we developed a simple clean interface to push major marketing initiatives while always looking updated without adding any bulk, dates or unnecessary clicks. Each post can intrigue without having to scroll pages and pages.

As VHS Distribution needed a simple distribution front, with quick links to their social media and a direct link to each brands catalog. Secondly building a distribution B2B to create an ease to order, to integrate directly with their inventory management system to auto fill invoices and auto update if an item is sold out.